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The controversial question, "is there really a tooth fairy?" is finally answered by this illusion. You explain to your patient that you have found a way to capture the tooth fairy. Place a special foam "eye" tooth inside a folded silk handkerchief. Wait a few seconds and before you know it, the handkerchief begins to move by itself -- you've found the tooth fairy. This trick can be performed anywhere -- even just a few inches from your patient.
When you need to stress the importance of brushing, pull out Scaredy Tooth. The message is clear when "Whitey" the white tooth instantly turns yellow because it was not brushed. But then the magic words, "hocus pocus, brushing focus" are said and instantly the yellow tooth turns black to white. Finally, patients think they know how you did the trick, only to be totally wrong and totally surprised. This classic requires no skill.

Not many people look forward to a novocaine shot; however, this little effect should help ease the mind of your patient. You blow up a tooth balloon (or latex glove), then you take a super large 18" needle and puncture the balloon and it doesn't pop! This is a classic magical effect and it is sure to help people look at a novocaine shot a little differently.

Here is something that will help remind your patient to floss. When you enter the treatment bay, be sure you are wearing mental floss. When you pull one end of the floss, it really looks like you are flossing your brain. Mental Floss is totally self-working, funny and it will leave a lasting impression of "flossing" on your patient's mind.
There is no better way to encourage flossing than with Flossed and Found. Tie two "tooth" silk handkerchiefs together, have your patient hold on to them. Now you open a floss container and pull out a special dental "floss" silk handkerchief. You place the "floss" sillk back into the floss container, but in a few seconds, the "floss" silk vanishes and is found tied securely between the two "tooth" silks. It's great for school presentations or up close with individual patients.  
This trick works great when your patients are waiting for Novocaine to take effect. A patient selects one of seven dental-related words off the Dental Telepathy dial -- without telling you which word was chosen. Using the dial you mysteriously reveal the word the person selected. It's amazing, yet so easy to do.
During the dental exam, you touch a tooth with your finger and it magically "squeaks". After asking "What's That?" the patient is smiling. And before you know it, the tooth is treated and the patient is happy. Once you use the squeaker you'll never stop. It's easy to do and works on every patient.         

Get your patients to cooperate and sit still during an x-ray with X-Ray Wow. Have your patient freely select a card and not tell you what it is. After you take the patients x-rays and develop the film, you notice an x-ray of the chosen card is in one of the frames. There is no sleight of hand and you use a normal deck of cards.

Your patients will think that your teeth are "more powerful than a locomotive" once they see this trick. Show your patient a quarter and take a bite out of it. You now show the quarter to your patient and it appears as if a piece was truly bitten off. Just when the patient begins to believe you really did take a bite of the coin, the quarter restores itself. This trick is self-working and easy to do.  

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