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Here's what our customers tell us!

"Patients love it and look forward to their next dental visit."

"Every practice that wants a fun atmosphere should have a Dentallusions magic kit."

"We didn't expect it, but we're getting patient referrals as a direct result of your dental magic tricks."

"Patient compliance has gone up since we introduced Dentallusions Magic into our daily routine."

"Even our toughest patients relax after seeing a Dentallusions trick."

"Our staff loves practicing the tricks on each other and our patients really do walk out with a smile."

"The Toothbrush Prediction alone is worth the price of Kit #1"

"Thanks to Dentallusions, our classroom presentations and office field trips have improved 110%."

Welcome to The Trick To A Healthy Smile™
a collection of magic tricks designed exclusively for the dental profession. We currently offer three dental-related magic kits that are described throughout this site.

The magic kits include everything a dental office needs to quickly captivate, relax, educate and entertain a patient before, during or after a dental visit. The magic tricks are designed to be "administered" by dentists, hygienists and auxillary staff members. You'll find the tricks help strengthen rapport between the patient and the dental professional and deliver dental health messages in a memorable and positive way.

Request a Free video demonstration.

Each trick is self-working, so there is no skill required. And after only a few minutes of practice, you'll be able to perform them for your patients.

Personally, I invite you to join the thousands of dentists around the world who are already using Dentallusions™ magic tricks. Thank you for your consideration.

Louis Melamed
President, Dentallusions, Inc.

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