The Encore Edition

When we introduced the Original Edition, we quickly got requests for more magic tricks. So here they are...ready to use at a second seder or if you just need new material for your guests this year. This set includes six totally new magic tricks and includes everything you will need for that encore performance at Passover this year. The magic set comes complete with an illustrated instruction manual and the six tricks described here.

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No more orders are being taken for the Magic of Passover this year!

Floating Matzah
As you introduce the concept of matzah during the seder, explain that no yeast or leavening is used to make this unleavened bread. Discuss that once the matzah is made that it can never rise again. Then instantly, without warning, a piece of matzah next to your plate begins to RISE OFF OF THE TABLE. That’s right, the matzah begins to move up and down. And if you are daring, you can even break off a piece of matzah and get it to spin in midair! This trick is the most difficult to learn, but well worth the practice.
Slates of Elijah
Wouldn’t it be interesting if Elijah would leave a note when he visits your seder? Well, now he can with Elijah’s Slates. You show two chalk boards blank on all sides. Then place them together next to Elijah’s cup. After you read the part in the seder about Elijah, separate the slates to see a written message from him. No skill is required for this mysterious effect.
Escape from Bondage
There is no better way to discuss how God helped free the Israelites from bondage than with the popular chain escape that made Jewish magician Harry Houdini famous. The wrists of someone at the seder table is shackled with a lock and chain, but instantly escapes. No skill is required, but please use discretion when performing this amazing feat.
Pick-A-Plague, any plague
Before this effect, the magician hands a prediction to a guest at the seder table. Then, 10 slips of paper are shown with one plague written on each. All 10 plagues are tossed into a clear plastic bag. Nine plagues are removed, one at a time by spectators, leaving one in the clear bag. The last plague is poured out on the table and opened by the spectator. This last plague matches the prediction that was presented at the very beginning. This will fool everyone, yet it is so easy to do.
Before anyone tries to find the afikomen, pass around a very magical brochure and see if anyone can find the afikomen inside – without ripping or tearing the paper. This puzzling effect will leave your audience amazed and confused during the big afikomen hunt. The principle is a combination of origami and a little magic. No skill is required...just a little patience.
The Matzah Ball Maker
Imagine being served a bowl of matzah ball soup without the matzah ball. When this happens during your Passover dinner, simply pull out your aluminum matzah ball maker pan. Show it empty. Place the cover on top of the pan and say a few magical words. Remove the cover and a steaming hot matzah ball instantly appears. Add it to your bowl of broth and smile as you take your first bite. The trick is self-working.