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Passover Kit

Includes six magic tricks! Read below for details on each trick.


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Streit's "limited edition" packaging


Currently, the original Magic of Passover magic set is being shipped in a special Streit's "limited edition" packaging. The magic tricks are exactly the same as the one shown on our website, but are instead customized with the Streit's Matzah logo.

Again, the tricks are exactly the same. And the tricks are just as much fun. It's the packaging that is different. If you want the "original" purple box, please call The Source For Everything Jewish at 1-800-476-2388 and order Item Number: 134577. (Cost is $39.95 plus shipping). Or visit their website at

The Encore Edition is still the same "red" package as shown. Thank you and have a magical Passover!

Vanishing Wine
When you get to the part of the seder when the door is opened for Elijah, pour some wine from Elijah?s ?wine bottle? or cup into a folded newspaper. Turn the newspaper upside down then open it up one page at a time showing Elijah?s wine has vanished. Is Elijah at the table? Did he drink the wine? No--because you fold up the newspaper and pour the wine back into his cup. It?s easy to do and a long sleeve shirt is not required.
Vanishing Afikomen
When you break the middle matzah...remind your guests that you found a new and quicker way to hide the the middle matzah. Proceed to wrapped it up in a napkin and watch everyone?s eyes when you open up the napkin and show that it instantly vanished into thin air. This trick adds a whole new element to the hunt for the Afikomen.
Seder Plate Prediction
After you discuss the meaning of each item on the seder plate -- perform the seder plate Prediction. Someone at your seder table chooses one of three seder plate items only to find that you predicted the item they were going to choose. It?s a great way to keep the seder moving with along in a fun and memorable way. It?s amazing yet simple.
The Mystery of the Middle Matzah
After you discuss the meaning behind the middle matzah, you will want to do this three card monte effect. A fan of three normal playing cards is shown. A guest is asked to try and find the middle card. The middle card is ?pulled? out by someone at the table and it appears to change to a ?matzah? card. This too, is easy magic and requires no sleight of hand.. No skill is required.
Who knows 63?
This trick is performed during the seder when you ask the all important question ?Who knows one??. This trick is a great way to get guests laughing and amazed at the same time. A guest secretly selects a number between one and 63. Using six magic cards, you mysteriously find the number the guest chose. Requires no practice. And it comes with six other punny Passover jokes...for no extra charge.
Maror or Less
This trick works well when you discuss the meaning of the Hillel Sandwich. You show your guest two cards -- one with matzah on it and the other with a picture of maror. One of the cards is placed behind your back. No matter how hard the guest guesses, he or she cannot figure out which card is behind your back. No skill is required.