Magic by the Great Loudini

The Great Loudini owns and operates the website you are viewing. He not only performs around the country, but he manufactures and sells a variety of specialized magic tricks and collections to a variety of groups and organizations. If you know someone who is a Bartender, tell them about his Tricks On Tap® Collection. Or if you know a dentist recommend the Dentallusions® Magic Set. A Physician...the Magic TRx® kit. Or if you know someone Jewish...get them one of our Judaic Magic Kits.

Why hire Loudini?
For more than 20 years Loudini has dazzled corporate audiences with classical magic. His style is simple and friendly. Whether it's business or pleasure, his original presentations will make your products and services more than just the star of the show. Loudini will sell the features and benefits of your products to your target audience. Your customers will leave with a message they remember and can act on.

He truly represents your company...
You decide...hard sell, soft sell or no sell at all, Loudini will act as a spokesperson for your company. Whether it's a trade show or sales meeting, Loudini will deliver your message using the most popular entertainment medium of all ­p; professional magic. Your product or service becomes an integral part of his performance. If you are ready to see your competition disappear or show how fast your company responds, Loudini can do it. Click here and we'll show you how.

Your in good company when you hire Loudini...
His blue chip client list reflects the kind of companies that have trusted him over the years. Don't take his word for here to see who has worked with Loudini before.

Use magic as your medium to "sell and tell"...
He calls it Magic For Your Marketplace(tm). Loudini will take your product or service and create a customized magic trick that you and your associates can use when making a sales call, planning a training seminar or use for a hand out at a trade show. He has created thousands of custom magic tricks for companies like 3M Company, AGFA Film Products and Norwest Banks.

For a personal demonstration of what he has done for other companies, call 1-800-LOUDINI from anywhere in the United States.

Professional entertaining magic...
guaranteed You decide, close up or stage performance Loudini will deliver a show guaranteed to entertain. If you are truly not satisfied with his performance...simply snap your finger and he will disappear and you will not owe him a penny.

E-mail address:
Toll-Free #: 1-800-LOUDINI (1-800-568-3464)