A collection of magic tricks designed exclusively for the Jewish Community.
Put the ?Ah? Back in Hanukkah
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By Rabbi Norman M. Cohen Bet Shalom Congregation, Minneapolis, MN
What more appropriate holiday for magic tricks than Hanukkah ? the holiday that is based on the famous legend of the cruse of oil meant to burn just one day, lasting for not two, not three, but eight entire days ? which is among the most magical events in the life of the Jewish people. The same people who brought you the entertaining and educational magic that adds another dimension to our Passover seders now give us the opportunity to add more Hanukkah magic and delight, meant to excite our families about Jewish celebration. These magic tricks are meant to enhance your family?s celebration and lead to more questions and more learning about the practices of Jews in America today.

By Rabbi Danny Zemel Temple Michah, Washington, DC
Hanukkah is a holiday filled with awe and mystery. We see it in the faces of children as they are told the story of the miracle of the little jar of oil that miraculously burned for eight days. As adults, we remember our own amazement at hearing the wonders that God wrought when told the Hanukkah story. One needs only to look at the beauty of the burning Hanukkiah to know there is magic in those lights. Now with the Hanukkah-dabra magic kit, you can add your own contemporary magical ?flare? to the candles as they glow and the beautiful holiday experience is dramatically renewed.

The magic tricks in the Hanukkah-dabra kit were assembled by the Mt. Zion Temple Youth Group (St. Paul, MN) under the supervision of Rabbi Adam Spilker.