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By Rabbi Norman M. Cohen Bet Shalom Congregation, Minneapolis, MN
What more appropriate holiday for magic tricks than Hanukkah ? the holiday that is based on the famous legend of the cruse of oil meant to burn just one day, lasting for not two, not three, but eight entire days ? which is among the most magical events in the life of the Jewish people. The same people who brought you the entertaining and educational magic that adds another dimension to our Passover seders now give us the opportunity to add more Hanukkah magic and delight, meant to excite our families about Jewish celebration. These magic tricks are meant to enhance your family?s celebration and lead to more questions and more learning about the practices of Jews in America today.

By Rabbi Danny Zemel Temple Michah, Washington, DC
Hanukkah is a holiday filled with awe and mystery. We see it in the faces of children as they are told the story of the miracle of the little jar of oil that miraculously burned for eight days. As adults, we remember our own amazement at hearing the wonders that God wrought when told the Hanukkah story. One needs only to look at the beauty of the burning Hanukkiah to know there is magic in those lights. Now with the Hanukkah-dabra magic kit, you can add your own contemporary magical ?flare? to the candles as they glow and the beautiful holiday experience is dramatically renewed.

The magic tricks in the Hanukkah-dabra kit were assembled by the Mt. Zion Temple Youth Group (St. Paul, MN) under the supervision of Rabbi Adam Spilker.


Put the ?Ah? Back in Hanukkah

Hanukkah-dabra Magic Kit

Includes 8 magic tricks! Read below for details on each trick.

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Squeaky Latke Gets the Grease
This is a great trick to do when you serve latkes for that Hanukkah dinner. As you are about to try your first bite, let everyone know that you have been having problems with your recipe. Explain that it seems, that your lotkes ?squeak? when you touch them with your finger. Sure enough, when you touch your potato pancake, it lets out a little squeak. But nobody else can get their lotkes to squeak. No skill required just an appetite.
Oil's Well That Ends Well
This trick uses a little brown jug that is filled with oil (actually water). The magician empties out the jug by turning it upside down. They set the jug on the table next to the menorah. They light one candle...then ?surprise? the empty jug is full of oil again. You empty it out again, set it down and when you go back to it, the jug is full of oil again. You repeat this trick eight times between candle lightings. It?s mind boggling and so easy to do.
Zig Zag Candle
Here, you take a candle from your menorah, and put it inside the candle box. Then instantly, the candle is broken into three parts. As soon as you say Hanukkah-dabra, you make the candle come back together again. The candle can be inspected before, during and after the trick. It?s unbelievable! And requires no skill at all.
Star Vision Box
This trick features the Star of David. Instruct your spectator to secretly place a multi-colored ?star? block into a plastic box. Cover the box with a lid. With the power of magic, you determine which color star appears face up in the box. It?s easy to do! And you can repeat it for every night if you want. This trick is easy to do and fun to perform.
Nun of Your Business
When explaining what the letters mean on a dreidl, pull out this colorful trick. Show the letter ?gimmel? and explain what it means. Instantly it turns into a ?hay?l when you give the dreidl card spin. Then say ?Hanukkah-dabra?, and the ?hay? turns back to ?gimmel?. Everyone thinks they know how you do the trick, only to be wrong and totally surprised. Although your friends may think differently, there is no skill involved.
Destroyed and Restored Temple
Hand the spectator a card with a picture of the ark curtain that was destroyed inside The Temple. They rip it into four parts and keep one for in their hand. They put the remaining three parts back inside ?The Temple Case.? The door to the case is closed and as soon as you say Hanukkah-dabra, and open the door, the picture card is restored.
Tzedakah Box
Tzedakah plays an important role in Judaism. Especially during Hanukkah when we exchange gifts. Fill the treasure box with Tzedakah each night of Hanukkah. The Tzedakah remains very safe inside this clever little box. Because, no one, unless they know the secret can get the Tzedakah out. Only the magician can open the box.
Eternal Light Bulb
Explain that Hanukkah is the festival of lights. To see if you?re ready to light the menorah, you need to check the candles. Hold a light bulb in your hand, touch an unlit candle to the bulb, and the bulb begins to light up! The light turns on and off in your hand every time you touch a candle to it. And it only works for you. Watch with a smile when everyone wants to try their hand at the Eternal Light bulb. You?ll learn this effect in a flash.