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Magic Show with
Lance Burton

Includes a show program for everyone...$25 pp++

Dinner At Magic Caesar's Magical Empire.
Includes dinner and magic... $50 pp++

How to Register


How to Register

FRIDAY optional

1:30pm to 3:00pm--Dental Health Month Celebration

Let's do something nice for the community and celebrate Dental Health Month in style. At about 1:30, we travel by limousine to a Las Vegas elementary school where we will perform a Magic Show using Dentallusions Magic Tricks and any of your favorite props. The local and national media will be notified and hopefully they will join us.

After we take our bows, we'll hop back into our limos and head over to Caesar's Palace. We'll visit Magic Masters magic store in the Forum Shops and pick up a special surprise for all the hard work put into our dental health performance. And then we'll enjoy a private dinner with magic in the renowned Magical Empire restaurant at Caesar's Palace.

You must register for this event. We supply the limos and magic store surprise...and the dinner is dutch treat.


8:00 am -- 9:00 am
Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:15 am -- 9:45 am - We're on a Cotton Roll.
Here you will learn a bunch of chairside magic tricks using everyday office props, including cotton rolls. WeÕll even include a manuscript describing the secrets so you wonÕt have to take notes.

9:45 am -- 10:15 am - Vanishing Dental Instrument.
Imagine holding a dental instrument in front of a patient. As soon as you can say Dental-cadabra! It's gone. We provide all the necessary props so you can practice two very different, yet easy to learn methods.


10:30 -- 11:30 - The Amazing Cavitron.
Together, we will create one of the newest effects Dentallusions will offer customers in 1999. The effect of the amazing Cavitron is unbelievable and you get to take one home with you. Basically, when you take a dental instrument and touch a patient's tooth, it appears the dental instrument starts receiving a radio signal. And then it starts making comments about the patient's teeth.


12 noon -- 1:30 pm
Lunch & Round Table Discussions

1:30 -- 2:15 - Fascinating Balloon Animals.
If you ever dreamed of making balloon animals at chairside, we teach you a few tricks of the trade. With the help of a certified balloon'll learn not only balloons for kids but balloons that adults will get a kick out of, too. We supply balloons, pumps to blow them up and a great booklet that describes technique and a variety of balloon sculptures.

2:15 -- 3:30 - Invisible Thread: Does it really exist?
We'll bring in one of Las Vegas' finest magicians who specializes in using invisible thread. Everyone will get their own thread and a manuscript to take home. Take what you learn and apply it to chairside miracles.


3:45 -- 4:45 - Close-up Magic Show.
Experience some of the most exciting magic ever. You'll see some of the best magicians in the country perform miracles while sitting across the table from you.

How to Register

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