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When you want to stress the importance of daily brushing, pull out these Magical Mulitiplying Molars. A patient is handed two big sponge teeth. As soon as you say dental-cadabra ... a baby tooth appears from nowhere. And before you know it, the teeth multiply into five baby teeth.
If you want to stress the importance of daily care, then you'll want to perform Tooth Card Monte. You show the patient two playing cards -- one with a toothbrush and the other with a picture of toothpaste. One of the cards is placed behind your back. No matter how hard the patient guesses, he or she cannot figure out which card is behind your back.

This is an ideal trick for the patient waiting for novocaine to take effect. A patient secretly selects a number between one and 63. Using the Dental Telepathy magic cards, you mysteriously find the number the patient chose. Requires no practice.

When you want your patients to cooperate or sit still during an x-ray, pull out the X-Ray Vision Box. Hand your patient a multi-colored tooth block. Instruct them to secretly place the block into a plastic box. Cover the box with a lid. With the power of magic, you are able to determine which color tooth appears face up in the box. It's so easy to do! And you can repeat it for every x-ray you need to do.
When you educate your patient on the importance of rinsing after brushing and flossing...this is what you should do. Fill a cup with some water and make it disappear into thin air. It happens fast and no skill is required.  
If you give out toothbrushes at your practice, you must perform The Amazing Toothbrush Prediction. A patient chooses one of three different colored toothbrushes, only to find that you predicted the color they were going to choose. It's a great way to end a dental visit. This trick is self-working and the prediction is always correct!
When your patient is about to lose a tooth, it's time to pull out some real magic. Relieve anxieties by showing them the magic of the Tooth Fairy Bank. A coin of the patient's choice magically penetrates a solid dental dam.     
When you want to leave a lasting reminder with your patients about flossing... pull out the bright red Floss In A Box. Remove your dental floss "rope" through the side of the box. Cut the rope in two pieces and restore it in seconds.
If your patient needs to have a tooth extracted, you'll want to use this three-card monte trick first. A fan of three normal playing cards is shown. The middle card is "pulled" out by the patient and it appears to change to a "tooth" card. This too, is easy magic and requires no sleight of hand.  

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